Monday, 7 February 2011

O Mein Papa

Do you remember the Eddie Fisher song from the fifties?  Likely not ...

But I was a kid being raised  (or not) by mein papa ... and the song has remained with me all these years.

My dad was very imperfect ... he had been raised without a father himself and he really didn't know how to be a good father.  But he loved me and I loved him.  And the older I get the more I realize that that is really all that is important now.

Anyway ... I have been looking up recipes to use as I feed Peter every week ... and so I am seeking out old sources.

I keep coming across recipes that my dad left me.  Some of them are in his handwriting ... and all those feelings of love and regret that he is no  longer part of my life well up every time I see that handwriting.

It has nothing to do with whether or not he was a good cook or a good father ... it is all about love ... all about family.

And that is what the Eddie Fisher song was all about too.


deb said...

He had the most amazing handwriting...I can see it in my mind today

kingmisha said...

I remember the song so well that it popped into my head immediately, lyrics and tune. I remember your Papa quite well. He was always so warm and welcoming when I went to your house.

I also remember my Papa and your post brought tears up from my heart. I only wish I had valued him more when I could. He died so young (52) and so suddenly that the memory of it is still excruciating. Our fathers were both European men, principled and stalwart who took parenting seriously. They were very much present in our lives then, for better and worse. We were lucky, because even when they stumbled, we knew they loved us.

Thanks for that little memory prod.

Oma said...

Thank you both for remembering with me.

One of those vain wishes I have had since Dad died is that we could have been retired together ... so that I could had more time for him.

Of course the reality of family relationships is that we are all at different life stages with one another ... and today ... also far flung geographically ... so staying close takes a greater effort than it once did.

sassy said...

Oh My Pa-Pa (O Mein Papa)

Listen to the song here and there is also a version done by the Everly Brothers

Now you've got me all choked up. Before my Dad passed away (he had been very ill and we knew the end was coming) a very wise woman said to me "if there is anything you would like to tell your father, tell him now". I did and it was an incredible conversation. Not long after than, I held him as he slipped quietly into that good night knowing how much we all loved and appreciated all he had done for and been to his family.

I was fortunate.

Oma said...

Thank you, Sassy.

I wish I had high speed so that I could listen to both versions. But on dial-up, YouTube lurches unevenly (and slowly) from one sound to the next.

I will try to get Tammy to help me upload a real version once she has recovered.

In the meantime, thank you for the thought ... and I am glad my post helped you remember your own dad and his passing.