Friday, 10 June 2011

The Fecundity of June

Summer is really here ... written over two days ...

Yesterday I went out for my first kayak ride to the end of the lake and back with Kenya following at her lovely steady dog paddling pace.  Then we swam and I threw sticks for her to fetch.

A large (maybe 16 inches across) turtle with wise old eyes is busy laying her eggs near my garden box.  It took me ages to convince Kenya to leave her in peace so that she could complete her task.  Kenya didn't seem to want to hurt her at all ... just curious and giving the barks she gives when she invites another animal to play with her.  However; having gone through labour several times myself, I felt the turtle probably preferred peace and quiet.

I went to get the aluminum ladder so that I could get up to a top shelf to find my solar lights for the garden and instead discovered a robin had created a nest on the top step against the house wall ... four perfect blue eggs in the nest and a mama bird who flies away every time I come around the corner.  We may have to do without our garden lights this year.  (By Friday one had hatched.)

Even butterflies seem to have exploded everywhere just recently.  Clouds of fake monarchs coloured yellow instead of orange greet me every time I open the door.

Life is good (and very fecund) just now.


kingmisha said...

I just posted some photos, on facebook, of my garden. What a difference a few days make to the fecundity of everything.

We had a terrifying storm a few days ago. The ferocity of the wind split one of the huge maples in half. What a mess in the yard. It was chainsaw noise all over Peterborough for the next couple of days.

The sky went black and there was a roaring sound while the wind swirled and blew trees onto roofs, cars and hydro wires.

I am terrified of these 90k an hour down bursts that do so much damage to our lovely old trees.

Oma said...

I'd be terrified too. Glad to hear that your garden is thriving. I have tons of mesculun mix and special lettuces that are feeding me now. All four robin babies have hatched now and are dressed in the wispiest of down, almost like cobwebs.