Monday, 23 November 2009

A Long Weary Day Yesterday

Pat transferred to the Little Heart Hospital yesterday. I accompanied her in the ambulance. This hospital is very different from the neighbourhood hospital she's been in for the past month. No private room, no windows that open, no relaxed rules, no place to make a cup of tea or heat up a bowl of soup. No chance to have her own radio station on, not even a chance to read or talk peacefully. The peace and quiet and sense of security has been replaced by a blaring television, stiff blue curtains around a bed, a room mate with a grating voice, and a too busy staff. Thank goodness this is simply a hospital in which to undergo surgery, recuperate to the point of going home; not a place to live for months.

It was an exhausting day for everyone. David, Beck and the boys came by with Nolan around 7 and then we all dispersed. David and Beck took all the bags the tiny space could not accommodate and Nolan and I took a series of subway trains home. Our tube station was closed for repairs so we had to go on to the next one and take a bus back. By the time we arrived at Archway it was far too late to consider making a meal at home so we decided to eat at a little Turkish restaurant enroute. It was ten when we arrived back at the flat and I immediately went to my bed.

I felt as if I had been of some use in very practical terms during this stressful day ... and that's a good thing. When you are sick it's nice to have someone take over some of those overwhelming organizational jobs and help you create some serenity amid chaos. I helped Pat get ready to move hospitals, and then when we got to the second one, helped her settle in. After the gear was stored and ready to be taken back home, and out of the way, Pat was comfortably ensconced in the bed with a fan blowing cool if not fresh air, I massaged her hands and feet, and then we sat in companionable silence, talking occasionally, while I worked on Dark Mirror's Christmas socks.

Claire arrived yesterday afternoon and went to bed for the day and night ... I will get to see her this morning at breakfast, I guess.

Pat's surgery is scheduled for this morning some time so we will go back to see her this afternoon after she has been out of the anaesthetic long enough to be aware of company ... and want it.

I am leading a very circumscribed life but I really have no desire to be anywhere else at this time. I will be glad to return to my life at the lake with Kenya ... but I am content being here right now with Pat.


Barbara Carlson said...

PRACTICAL love and kindness is highly underrated. You are a good friend.

Mud Mama said...

When do you have leave her mum?

Oma said...

Thank you, Barbara.

Mud Mama: I am leaving in a few minutes for home. Pat's surgery was postponed until Thursday but the powers that be didn't tell anyone till last night. As a result, we didn't go to the hospital till evening and Pat was alone, hungry and in pain all day because she couldn't take anything by mouth before surgery and she was expecting to be taken to the operating theatre at any moment from 10 a.m. on ... I will be home this afternoon your time. (our time).

Erin Kuhns said...

What an amazing thing you did, going to see your friend in England.

Come December, we'll have tea or wine and I look forward to hearing more about it! xo