Thursday, 7 January 2010

End of the Old, Beginning of the New ...

January 7, 2010

If March comes in like a lamb it is supposed to go out like a lion.  I hope the same is true of the larger unit, the year, and of the still larger one, the decade.  2010 began badly for me.  I have spent the past week dredging up old hurts, old mistakes, old sins  ... examining the exhumed bodies relentlessly and finally returning them to their tomb.  I have written nearly 15,000 words of analysis and contrition.  I am completely flat, completely emptied out right now.  I have nothing to give to my blog so I am going to retire it for now.  I will return at some point I am sure because writing is one of my lifelines, but I may start a new blog for the new decade.

For the next while I am going to concentrate on painting.  I have two chairs I must complete soon, and a few Christmas presents that didn't get done in time.  Besides, painting allows the worrying part of my brain to take a vacation, and I need that.  I may post photos as the work proceeds, as photos are my record of work that I give away or sell, but there will be few , if any, words.

Happy New Year, everyone.  Thank you for reading "Gone to the Dogs".  I hope this decade will be the best one ever for all of us.


Barbara Carlson said...

Selfishly, I am so, so sorry you will be leaving me, my first stop in the morning, to see what you've been up to, what you're thinking. Always worthwhile.
But, I understand and know you will be restored by painting for it is balm to the soul.
But...please come back soon. I will miss you.

sassy said...
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sassy said...

Enjoy your well earned break. We'll wait for you and, it will be that much sweeter when you return.

Best wishes ever for a good year ahead.


Erin Kuhns said...

I will also be here. I may not be good at reading (or writing) EVERY day but I always love to read your blog and this pair of eyes will be checking in to see when you decide to return.

I, too, need to take blog breaks from time to time so I completely understand the need to do so.

If you decide to start a new blog, do let me know. I'm one of your biggest fans.

Erin :) xoxo

IrishGirl said...

Nooooo! I'll whinge and whine. I've been absent due to health issues and am just getting back into the groove again. I will miss you like crazy. I hope you find a place where you feel better and blogging becomes a positive outlet for your creativity and peace again. In the meantime, I will keep checking in regularly.

Oma said...

You are all good friends. Thank you.