Monday, 25 January 2010

This One is for Irish Girl

Hi Irish Girl,

A kicksled or spark as they are called in Norway is a set of skiis to which are attached the following:
foot pads to stand on
a wooden seat with a handle at chair height
a foot rest for a passenger to which can be attached a dog harness

It is propelled by pushing it while holding the handle (walking between the skiis), or by pushing with one foot as you would propel a scooter, by being pulled by a large dog, or on its own power descending a hill while you ride on the footpads.

Its braking system is equally simple.  You plant your feet between the skiis and hope that you stop.

It can be used as a walker on ice, as a toy for sliding, as a wheelchair, as a cart for groceries, or as a place to sit while ice fishing or eating lunch.

It is a remarkable and versatile pleasure used by everyone from tiny children to old lame grandmothers in Norway where they do not sand or salt the roads.

I will post a photo when I get my new one.




Tamarak said...

The only time I was on a kick sled that you had, I went zipping down your hill, stepped off at the bottom to stop and wiped out!

The zipping down part was fun though!

I think there is some technique involved!

Oma said...

That was a bad hill!

IrishGirl said...

Thank you for letting me know! They sound great. Although Tamarack's story really did crack me up. I'm looking forward to photos.

Which reminds me, the photo at the top of your blog is stunning.