Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Here are several views of Claire Hogenkamp's  sculpture, Grief.  It was part of a series at her show this spring, and, although I really couldn't afford it, I knew I needed to have it close to me.  I love sculpture better than any other art form because it reveals something new each time you look at it.  I like multi-dimensionality in art as well as people.  (Is that a word?)


kingmisha said...

I'm honoured by this exhibition.

Thank you.

Oma said...

Every time I spend time in the presence of Grief, I thank you. She inspires reflection, and takes away pain. All that stuff we learned in Dr. Smith's English classes about catharsis in tragedy was true!

Your Grief brings me peace.

kingmisha said...

Then it is doing it's job.