Sunday, 5 September 2010

Ketchup and Relish Time ... or time is still a luxury

This has been a busy week!  I will give you one of those over the shoulder views ...

I am off to a barbecue-potluck tonight and so I have prepared a real harvest dish to take with me ... zucchini topped with chopped tiny tomatoes and croutons and then sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and baked at 400 degrees.

Before that I made corn relish with corn left over from the lake's horseshoe tournament and barbecue which fizzled rather badly, especially for me and my gang ... but for everyone because of the weather.

My students were supposed to come with one of their house mothers.  She completely forgot and so I waited till seven and then walked over carrying my chair and chocolate zucchini bread.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered that most of the people had eaten and left early, and the other half were just finishing up the last of the desserts and were about to head home.  Lise cooked me a hamburger, Tom invited me to his table and got me a plate, and Rowboat Flo who was staying at my place this weekend, had prepared me a plate to take home.  I shared my wine and zucchini bread, and, when the cold wet wind made staying truly uncomfortable, we all went home.  Not even a bonfire because of the wind and rain ... maybe the annual corn roast is becoming a thing of the past.

Flo and I toddled off to bed. after a game of Scrabble

Earlier on Saturday I made the chocolate zucchini loaf, and several herb jellies.  By the time I was finished, I had sticky surfaces everywhere and had to thoroughly clean the stove.  Do not let your apple jelly boil over! Whew!  I had forgotten what harvest time was like.  It has been years since I lived in the Ottawa Valley and canned and pickled and made jellies and jams until my shelves were full and I never wanted to see another cucumber, tomato or berry of any sort.

On Friday I  put up 9 large jars of Nana Sully's cucumber relish so my distaste for preserving is now complete for this year ... and ... I still have tomatoes and more zucchini coming ... as well as more cucumbers than I can possibly eat in sandwiches ...

On Friday night I had dinner with Tom and Marlene ... yummy treat.

Thursday I took the car in for an oil change and the answer to a question about the gassy smell ... and came away from the experience with an even greater regard for my mechanic who cut out the rotted piece of gas line and, for a pittance,. re-tooled it  They take very good care of their most inept clients ...

Monday to Wednesday I taught every day ...

It has been a long week and I was really looking forward to the Labour Day holiday ... but my students have asked me to come in on Monday ...  I told them I couldn't promise ,,, that I was going to a second barbecue tonight and all would depend on whether I felt energetic enough.

It will also depend on whether I have anything prepared!

That is what I plan to do this afternoon ... plan lessons, make worksheets and tests, create games, and rest up before the party!

I hope you are all leading somewhat less hectic lives than I am and that your Labour Day  weekend has been fun.


kingmisha said...

My goodness you're busy. The weather has certainly and suddenly turned to fall. With the cold snap, I became motivated to do some clearing out and cleaning up in preparation for winter.

As for Labour Day weekend, I had a wonderful Sunday at a friend's cottage 35 minutes from home on Rice Lake. Maya and Glenn were there from London and we celebrated Maya and her friend Tracy's Birthdays. The place was filled with three generations of women. Two baby girls, the mother (Maya's best friend) Tracy, her mother and father and me. Bruce, Tracy's Dad withdrew and took a nap while Glenn, Maya's partner, sat with us women and did his best not to look bored.

Lots of talk, stories and gossip, food and a brief walk later, I drove home to my quiet world. It was lots of fun but I was glad to return to my solitude.

Oma said...

Your weekend sounds perfect to me. The perfect balance for me is a lot of peace with a sprinkling of interesting people. My entire summer has bee filled with too much teaching, people, work, expectations, and busyness, and far too little peaceful time for reflection. The students leave on the 17th and then I can recreate my peaceful life, I hope.

Trouble is that I find the idea of all these things interesting so I accept invitations. The mind is willing but the body very soon tells me that it is not. (And then the mind agrees wholeheartedly.)

kingmisha said...

Ah, the mind vs body conflict is ever present.