Thursday, 7 October 2010

BJ, the Good News Bear

Yesterday I saw Lily's pre- and post- arrival photos ... sweet with a masses of hair ... exhausted happy mom, grandma and "auntie" ... delighted dad ... and smiling grandpa ... Lily has entered a loving family circle.

I stopped taking my Vitamin D and am beginning to regain my energy ... had the second test yesterday ... will get the results next week ...  it seems you can't believe anything you read about how to keep healthy these days.  I had read that 2000 units of Vitamin D was a healthy level to take daily ... everyone from the cancer society to the osteopaths were recommending it  ... so I got my dosage up to 1800 ... and may have freaked out my calcium. 

I really am beginning to think it is better to simply eat properly, exercise, keep your weight reasonable and keep dogs if you want to stay healthy.  Then throw in a little human companionship, intellectual stimuli, and a garden ... and you have paradise.  I hope that my doctor concurs when she gets the test results!

Olive and Chelsea arrived this morning and will be with us for five days.  Olive is staying outside till she is sure of her new surroundings, person and dog.  Chelsea is inside sharing an uneasy truce with Kenya.  You may remember that Chelsea is the very old lumpy English Lab who is an incorrigible food thief and is on medication for tremors.  They are both nice girls and in a few minutes I will speed up the adjustment process by taking them all for a long walk.

Then I will make a pot of chili con carne using local beef, my own tomato sauce and other stuff from the garden ... my own and that of local farmers.

I am going to take a break from teaching after Helmut and Ottilia leave, entertain a friend and fellow writer for a week or so, and take a travel writing course during that time. I plan to relax and live a healthy stress-free life for a while. I want get back in the habit of sleeping at night, playing during the day, and working when necessary.  Maybe get some of the outstanding chores accomplished.  Maybe start writing and painting again.  

And now I am off to dress and walk puppies.  Enjoy your day.


kingmisha said...

You forgot cats. I can't imagine my life without a cat. I think Kenya is a wonderfully patient dog for accepting all those interloping guests into her life.

You're bringing your life back into balance which is a very good thing for your mental and physical health.

Have a happy Thanksgiving weekend.

Oma said...

Sorry about the omission, kingmisha ... I guess I was thinking about how dogs force you to get exercise even when you really can't be bothered ... but yes ... the love of any animal is an important part of a good life.

I wish you a great Thanksgiving too ...