Thursday, 4 June 2009

June is Busting Out All Over ...

It is June ... summer is just around the corner ... I celebrated my 69th birthday ... the lake is glorious

... I bid a somewhat sad farewell to Andreas today

... I am starting on a new chair

... and ... best of all ... my daughter received great news and our whole family is breathing again. No, she isn't "all better" ... but the cancer is contained and small enough that a lumpectomy and radiation should give her freedom. Life is good!

I have tried to include some of the photos that capture my happiness ...

... of Carlos and me with the birthday cake part of the dinner Tamarak prepared (vichyssoise as silken as a dream, a seafood sauce with veggies and a strawberry shortcake) (I really do have to stop having my picture taken with handsome young people, especially when I am so happy that I grin like an idiot!)

... of the new chair ... of the lake ... of Andreas on our last day together ... of Teddy who now also has a new lease on life ...

I want to thank all the people who phoned or emailed to wish me a happy birthday ... Rob Long, The OR, Mud Mama, Patrick, Pat, Zoom, Deb, Nature Girl, Tamarak, Mr. Roger, Mandara ... it meant a great deal to me.

Tomorrow I will work at painting elsewhere, pick up Remi (the Golden Doodle who is Kenya's best young friend), and prepare for a weekend of dog sitting and painting. I think I am going to start a series of happy homey chairs.

More later. The cat now has whiskers, by the way!


IrishGirl said...

Happy Birthday! The dinner sounds wonderful. Are the photos with your new camera? Look good.

And I couldn't be happier for you and your family over the good news your daughter received.

Oma said...

Thank you ... for the birthday greeting and for your words about my daughter. I am still using the old FinePix ... the other one has not arrived yet.

Barbara Carlson said...'s all
Happy June -- YOU are busting out all over!

Erin Kuhns said...

It sounds like you had a "perfect" birthday! I'm sorry I missed it, I really am. I had every intention of calling you on your birthday, but then life kind of happened this past week and, well, I didn't call you on your birthday. :(

But I'm glad to hear it went well and you are smiling!

P.S. Loved to know the update on the whiskers! That made me chuckle.

Oma said...

Come on over for tea and sympathy this week and I will show you the whiskers!