Wednesday, 22 July 2009


I woke up this morning to the sound of a garbage truck lumbering along the road on the other side of the lake (or maybe it was a lumber truck making garbage of that road). Whatever.

I grabbed my housecoat and ran up the hill with the garbage bag in one hand, the recycling in the other and Kenya, her ever ready stick in mouth, behind me. On my return trip, I slipped, grabbed hold of the railing, and took only a sliding mini-tumble that bruised my heel and ankle.

On my way down, I thought, quite creatively, and optimistically, I realize now, "It's a good thing it's garbage day. Someone will eventually arrive to hear my screams and carry me out of this mess."

I also remembered that I had thought before I headed up the hill, and only momentarily, about the consequences of wearing slick soled slippers instead of taking the time to put on footwear more suitable to using a wooden staircase wet with last night's rain. Of course I had foolishly dismissed the warning.

On a happier note, I read this when I came back in:

"When you create you get a little endorphin rush. Why do you think Einstein looked like that?"

Robin Williams

I think I will finish my tea and then go for that endorphin rush. Mud Mama said, when I asked whether I should leave ambiguous the red blob (mother with child ... nursing mother ... unborn child) , that I should do something with it; that a red embryo was a little creepy. I did ask.

I have been playing with that image so long that it never occurs to me that it might be anything but the symbol of exuberant life and nurturing! Good thing I asked!

I have also started working on the next happy cat and wonky woman chairs. First coat of main colour has been applied. Today I will apply the second coat and the real fun can begin. And then just watch those endorphins flutter about and stand MY hair on end!

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