Wednesday, 15 July 2009


I have been working on versions of this concept for a while now ... and after several sketches and chalk drawings I realized that my use of the yin and yang symbol required two different colours so I began anew. The gold symbolizes the sun, the dark blue purple the night and the bright turquoise day. This lazy susan will likely not end up being Mud Mama's because the colours will be all wrong ... but I am quite excited about what I am discovering as I play with the ideas of balance and male/female images, and shapes. More when it is a little further along. I am not sure if the image will appear. I seem to have lost it. If it doesn't I will post it in the next post.
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Today I have been cleaning and sanding, doing a bit of painting. Tomorrow I will start priming a new cat chair, a new funky female chair and one other that might also become a funky female. And I will polyurethane the little frog pond rocker and the green stool with the funky rainbow flower.

Today was a glorious day ... I went out in the kayak with Kenya ... A Bell Telephone technician fixed my phone jack and I now have improved phone and internet service as a result ... and I had a great dinner with a little wine for the first time in a few days.

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