Sunday, 19 July 2009

Le Carousel, Lavender and Wild Flowers

I have been asked by my favourite Susan to re-name the lazy susans I am creating ... so now each will be one of "Le Carousel" series. I am still working on the first one, "Everything Under the Sun", and should complete it today. I'll post a photo.

The Frog Pond Rocker looks a lot happier than it did, but it really is impossible to create a silk purse from a sow's ear or a beautiful piece of furniture from something that was always ordinary and whose mistreatment has made it ugly over the years. That said ... this little rocking chair should make some little person happy. I am thinking about donating it to a friend's daycare which will be starting up in the fall.

Yesterday I drove in to Hull to see a doll's cradle at a garage sale. The garage sale had been canceled because of the rain, so instead, I went for a long walk with Carlos and all three dogs, spoke to Tamarack(she's away on a course) on the phone, and had lunch at their place. We had potatoes, squash done with maple syrup and cinnamon, and pork chops ... yummy!

On the way home I stopped at another garage sale advertised in Chelsea and found it rained out too, so continued on up the line to the Wakefield Hospital's annual fund raising Tea in the Park. Some of my neighbours were there and I bought a beautiful crocheted necklace and some wild flower seeds to strew in my side yard.

The day before, Eric and Renee stopped by to talk to me about what needs to be done with the lakeside garden where the old cottage stood. I am going to have stone put in first to cover any remaining debris, and then I will make square foot gardening boxes for the back area where the upstairs was, and a pleasant area with patches of perennials, large rocks, planters and seating in the other part where the kitchen and livingroom were. Next year will be its first real year but I want to get it started now so that it will be ready. Because they are going to bring in a small machine to move the rock I will lose my tiny garden box that is filled with lavender, chives, tomatoes and basil. It will be no loss for the tomatoes as they are doing almost nothing, but I want to transplant everything anyway.

The lavender will be planted somewhere on the septic field with the wild flowers. Imagine a whole side yard of lavender and wild flowers, and a clothesline full of laundry drying over it absorbing the scent!

It looks like another rainy day so I will brighten mine by working on the carousels and starting the next chair. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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