Sunday, 19 July 2009

Looking Backwards into the Mirror

I found an old Kenyan friend on Facebook a few days ago by googling his name after finding out from a mutual friend that he was studying in the U.S. Well, he was now back in Africa, in the Sudan, working for World Vision. Too bad ... I would like to have seen him while he was in Boston.

But it gave me an idea. I have lost track of some wonderful students over the years and wondered what they were up to. Snaking around through Google and then through the Blogosphere I discovered the website of a marvellous photographer and former student. Check out Joe Wenkoff's site in my sidebar. He has an amazing slide show of some very powerful images on his home page; photographs that show his concern for people all over the world, his feelings about war ... and all without sentimentality ... and great beauty.

As a result, I wrote my first fan letter to a former student.

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