Monday, 6 July 2009

I Must be Meant to Read This Book!

A few days ago, Lois (a lurking blog reader friend) sent me Barack Obama's book, Dreams from My Father. I was delighted and very appreciative but thought I had better finish reading Miriam Toews' new novel about a totally dysfunctional family.

Today an old friend with whom I have traveled to Jordan and other Middle Eastern places, and who was with me with a different organization (VSO) in Kakamega, Kenya, sent me the same book just before she took off for Cambodia.

You have to understand. I almost never receive gifts. I almost never receive snail mail. And yet ... in less than a fortnight I received two copies of this book. Is fate at work ... or what??? Soooo ... tonight I will finish the novel and pass it on to Sharon .... and tomorrow I will start ready Obama's book.


Oma said...

Lois ... I wrote a thank you email but it was just returned as undeliverable after 48 hours. It may still show up as they haven't given up yet. That was a truly thoughtful gift ... from both you and Erma!

Barbara Carlson said...

I read it months ago, but it was hard to read -- my eyes kept tearing up. His writing is very moving.