Monday, 1 March 2010

From fear and loathing to uneasy truce to tentative friendship in 4 days

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Barbara Carlson said...

They take their cue from you.

BTW, Denise says she only got a crown
in Mexico and would NOT recommend surgery
"at all". She was considering getting 3 crowns in one week in Bangkok (she got one there last year) but was SO GLAD she was able to spread it out over weeks here in Ottawa.

John has had 4 gum ops and it takes a week after each session before covering is removed. He survived it & still has his teeth, 20+ years later. Take heart.

He even spent the weeks each time up in the Gatineau sketching at a cabin all by himself, no medical problems ensued. (He went into his "man cave"...)

I also mentioned Erin K. to her and she said, "Oh --ERIN -- she is such a lovely, wonderful young person."
[Remembering her from their time together 15 years when D. lived in Rupert?]

Oma said...

Barbara ... thank you for the additional information on teeth ... I just need the denture so am going to check with denturists who will, I expect, be cheaper and more expereinced than my dentist.

And yes, Erin is a lovely young person. We are going maple sugaring at her place next weekend.

Update on Kenya and Peach: they have become a pair of friends who are comfortable together and love to play.