Tuesday, 16 March 2010

New Lady of the Lake Story

I just heard about Kenya's good deed yesterday, but she performed it about a month ago.

Sadie is our newest puppy on the lake.  She is 5 months old, belongs to Dan, and follows Kenya everywhere when Dan has her up here at my end of the lake.

On this particular day Dan was walking Sadie off-leash around the lake.  When Sadie saw Kenya on the ice, she ran off to join her. Dan was comfortable with that, but when he was ready to go back home, Sadie paid no attention to his pleas, demands and orders to come. Ignoring him completely, she continued to play.  Dan kept on calling without success as he walked back towards his house.

When he got to the beach area he decided that enough was enough, but how to get a willful puppy to obey?

That's when he decided to use strategy.

He called Kenya, who came immediately, shadowed by little Sadie.  The leash was snapped on, and the mission was accomplished.  All that was left was to tell Kenya to go back home.

Good dog, Kenya!


Erin Kuhns said...

That's so sweet! Kenya is just consistently an awesome dog!

(Hope to see you tomorrow!)


Oma said...

Yes ... until today when the story of the ice floes unfolded ... see tomorrow's post!

I am planning on joining you and the boy for fish and chips at Le Hibou.