Thursday, 1 April 2010

Shot at 11 in the morning ...

Shot by a radar gun, that is ...

This morning ... I turned off the 105 onto the road that leads one past the funeral home, past the community spring, and through the village.  The speed limit on this road is 50k/hr.  I was likely traveling about 52 k. as I approached the man in black holding a gun pointed directly at me.  I slowed to 50k just as he signaled me and the driver following me to pull over.  I drove onto the siding at the spring as did the other guy.  The police officer parked his vehicle behind us.

I was thinking, "What the hell did I do?", but assuming (as I always do) that I must be in the wrong.  After all I'd been pulled over.  And I had been going a couple of kilometres too fast. 

I turned off my engine and rolled down my window.  My heart was beating a whole lot faster than it usually is, and I was flushed — a sure sign that my blood pressure had jumped.

The officer came to my window and greeted me.  I said hi and waited.  His response was a smile, and the words, "You can go.  It wasn't you."

I stopped at the post office to calm down and mail a letter.  The post mistress laughed when I told her what had happened.  But my heart didn't resume its normal rhythms till about two hours after I had put away my groceries.

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