Sunday, 25 April 2010

Tiffany: a case of mistaken identity

An Email to a Friend sent Thursday:

Yesterday I took a break from the!@##$$$%% taxes and went to Montreal with a neighbour and friend.
Strange trip ... but fun. I thought she was inviting me to go to the fashion district with her sister but in fact she wanted me to accompany her to the Tiffany Glass Exhibition at Les Beaux Arts.

I prepared by shoving my camera and a skirt I wanted to find a top to match into my pack.  It was only when we were actually on Sherbrooke Street looking for parking that she said we would not be going to the fashion centre she had mentioned; that her sister said it specialized in skimpy tops for very young people.

Before we made the trip, she had said that Tiffany would only be in town for a few more days and I thought Tiffany was a friend of her sister's ... someone coming with us! Duhhh ...

Anyway we had lunch with her very strange sister ... 70 years old ... and GLAMOROUS! For forty years she was Holt Renfrew's top salesperson selling Estee Lauder ... and believe me ... she proved that make- up can transform a woman. Skinny as hell. Spike heeled boots. A knee that juts out to the side. A packrat whose 3 bedroom apartment in NDG is so stuffed to overflowing that she has to sleep on the livingroom couch and she won't allow anyone in.

And delightful!

At the restaurant women kept coming up and telling her how much they missed her ... clients ... ranging from a chic fifties matron to a thirty-something lovely natural beauty who had been going to her since she was a teenager. And, except for the make-up,  there wasn't even a hint of artifice about her.

So we were really there to go to Tiffany Exhibition:

I love stained glass ... used to do it ... still have my tools and some glass ... so it was fun to go to the Musee ... but oh my, I hate crowded galleries and museums ...  you have to make your way through masses of hot sticky odiferous humanity to see the exhibits.

Montreal is fresh and green, and the women, as always, amazing ... it was a good break from the drudgery of taxes!

My friend's response:

LOL  You thought Tiffany was a friend of her sister? That is hysterical. Did it ever occur to you that you might be seen as odd by some?  Naw, not possible.

I guess everyone within a thousand miles of Montreal knew that the glass exhibition was in Montreal except me!  I am going to have to leave the hermitage more often!


Barbara Carlson said...

I didn't know about the Tiffany Exhibit either. Reading a book on Truman Capote. In the 50s Tiffany lamps sold for $15 in antique shops in NYC.

As for glamour etc., my mom is 90 1/2 and requested eye cream for Mother's Day. We girls, eh?

Oma said...

The $15 price tags probably contributed to the bankruptcy of the business!

I think it is great that your mother cares in her nineties ... I wish I could muster up enough interest to do something about myself. I can't even be bothered to go to a hair stylist ... just keep hacking away.

I am, however, painting pieces of furniture with boat varnish for outdoor use in my new little garden area. 4 coats of carcinogens!

IrishGirl said...

Thank you for my chuckle of the day. Great email.

Oma said...

Thanks, Irish Girl. I'm glad you enjoyed it.