Sunday, 4 April 2010

A Time of Change

It is time to change my header photo.  The last of the lake ice disappeared on Friday, Kenya spent all day yesterday celebrating the 9 degree water. Even Tom's grandsons leapt in (and out very quickly), and my next door neighbours christened their new kayaks.

Young old friends came for dinner on Friday and helped me get my recalcitrant screens back into the windows that had been installed upside down and then re-installed.   They also helped me get my clothesline back up, but darkness overcame our efforts so that job was completed Saturday when I enlisted the help of the son of my next door neighbour to complete the ladder climbing part of the task.

I spent Saturday working on a table for Jenny, digging up sawdust, doing laundry, tidying up plants, and washing windows and floors. I managed to get 3/ 24 windows cleaned thoroughly .  (When I planned this light bright house with its multitude of views I did not think about cleaning windows.) 

My intention for today was to continue the work on windows and floors, but my hips and knees seem to have given out simultaneously, so this may be a day of rest and recuperation with some work on Jenny's plant table.

I am having fun with this one.  She wanted teal as her base colour, but  also lots of bright colour.  Red, gold and cream circles of different sizes are splashed randomly on the teal top.  Some overlap.  Others float free.  I figure they can become spots for plant saucers, but they are very balloon-like as well, so the legs will be done in harlequin diamonds using all four colours.  The clown itself will not be there ... just his tights and his balloons.  I hope to post a photo when I complete it, but I need to uninstall Picasa which is corrupted in some way and then re-install it.

Sarah phoned last week to suggest bringing a seafood feast to the lake today, but her baby became ill on Friday so we had to cancel that visit.  It looks as if today will be another wonderful day so it is too bad they won't be here to enjoy it, but that, she said philosophically, is life.

I may put the kayak in for its maiden voyage this year.  I don't need hips or knees, just upper body strength for kayaking.  Or I may use the old clothesline to map out the pathway in the garden.  Or I may just paint.  Or I may take a book down to the deck and bask in the sunshine.  And I will eat leftover roast beef for dinner with a dandelion green salad, red wine ... and too many of the gooey sweet delicious squares Julie left on Friday ...

Happy Easter, everyone.

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