Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Sun May Be Out, BUT ...

I have been cleaning up wood, sawdust, the porch, the windows, and repairing water damaged walls ...   and ... and  ... and.

I have just finished the harlequin table for Jenny, and I am now feeling completely snowed under, engulfed and drowning in tax forms.

Quebec residents fill out two completely separate forms so the misery of tax time is doubled ... perhaps more than doubled because I find myself attempting to translate the English translation at times.  Some things are wonderfully clear (better than the federal tax forms) but others are indecipherable.  Right now I am taking a mental health break..

Here is the table.

I have been invited to accompany a neighbour to Montreal tomorrow ... and I may decide to abandon the tax mess for a day in order to save my sanity.

I suspect my blogging will continue in earnest after the tax deadline.

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IrishGirl said...

I love the table but I need a closer look...