Sunday, 21 November 2010

My own form of bee keeping ...

I am off to put the second coat on the chair I am making from a kit.  I haven't painted anything for ages and ages ... teaching got in the way.  But now I am re-structuring my life.  Teaching and enjoying it once a week.  Snowshoeing or hiking or skiing once a week.  Painting, reading, walking Kenya daily ...

Here is something I found for a beekeeping friend.  Hope you like it too. And I hope you all have bees to keep or asparagus to grow ... or babies to hold tight ... whatever you need to help you find your own well of patience and courage ... whatever you need to find peace.

Advice to the Young by Miriam Waddington

Keep bees and
grow asparagus,
watch the tides
and listen to the
wind instead of
the politicians
make up your own
stories and believe
them if you want to
live the good life.
All rituals
are instincts
never fully
trust them but
study to im-
prove biology
with reason.
Digging trenches
for asparagus
is good for the
muscles and
waiting for the
plants to settle
teaches patience
to those who are
usually in too
much of a hurry.
There is morality
in bee-keeping
it teaches how
not to be afraid
of the bee swarm
it teaches how
not to be afraid of
finding new places
and building in them
all over again.

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