Saturday, 6 November 2010

Waking up over tea and email on a Saturday morning ...

Coutresy of CBC News

Edmonton police guilty in 'sweatbox' case Two Edmonton police officers were found guilty Friday of insubordination and discreditable conduct in the so-called 'sweatbox' incident, where police rounded up homeless people in a police van to dump them on the other side of the city.

Flesh-eating disease alert for Calgary's homeless Calgary homeless shelters are being told to be on the lookout for anyone with symptoms of flesh-eating disease after two cases surfaced.

Sure wouldn't want to be poor in Alberta!

Kenya chases the squirrels as requested ... but now that I have foiled their attempts to get all the food, and, in the process, destroy the feeders as they leap onto them from chairs and tables, I am feeling sorry for them ... especially for the soft grey one that reminds me of Bambi, the only grey squirrel we fostered.  He comes up and knocks on the window pane ... driving Kenya mad and touching my heart.

Do you get these spam emails with just a few words in the heading?  I like finding them there, especially when my strange brain makes connections among the words.  Today I wrote a silly poem using three that arrived in the night.

a bunch of e's and an f

exuberant     erected     estranged
 all arrived last night

I thought

what about ...

excited    evaluated       elusive   

and later

empathetic         enchanted         engaged
but surely not ...

enigmatic   evasive     enslaved

or ...

edgy    expendable   ejected

maybe ...

enticing   electric   emotional

definitely don't want to be left ...

empty   embittered   exploited  

or for you to be ...

extraneous   extinguished   ephermeral

just want us to find something ...

enduring   eternal

and most of all ...


And now I really have to get on with the serious business of living my life.  There is tidying to be done, a Nanowrimo novel writing session to get through (god it is awful this year), and bird seed to be allocated ... and yes ... peanuts to be strewn.This afternoon I will get my car oiled for winter and then protest the possible loss of the Wakefield spring.  In the middle of the night (I have insomnia) I brought in a Muskoka chair kit I bought three years ago  ... it needs some loving paint strokes and then I will assemble it ... or maybe enlist the help of a friend.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.

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Barbara Carlson said...

You turned egrigiousness into entertainment. You have a dancing mind. :)