Friday, 12 November 2010

November at Pike Lake

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Barbara Carlson said...

Thought for the day...from Coco Chanel
via Vanity Fair magazine --

How many cares one loses
when one decides
not to be something
but to be someone.

Oma said...

I remember a good friend saying when she left a high level job that defined(and drained) her that it took years and years before she felt comfortable not being "something" ... because invariably new acquaintances began conversations with "So what do you do?" and she found it terribly self demeaning to have to admit that she was no longer in the work force. Of course she did art ... and wrote but didn't publish ... and read widely ... and made a wonderful home ... and kept her husband, daughter, dog and cockatoo happy ... and was the mainstay of her extended family ... and was the best cook I have ever known ... and one of the kindest neighbours and friends. She was a perfectionist in everything she did ... but it was impossible to sum up what "thing" she was in a sentence suited to a cocktail party ... because she wasn't something. She was somebody.

Barbara Carlson said...

It's almost impossible to convince most Americans that NOT being famous is OK and thought by many as being preferable.
Explains a lot about that immature country. That any of them would be interested in the least in Sarah Palin et al. is so utterly sad (and scary).