Sunday, 28 November 2010

Well, it really is upon us ...

Yesterday, while walking Kenya, I met a neighbour who said this.  He was referring to the snowy chill in the air.  I agreed, but I was nicely bundled up in a parka so I wasn't particularly concerned.  This morning, however, I understood the truth of what he had said.  Oh, I'd had inklings for the past week or so, but today I was sure.

I just learned that it is Grey Cup weekend ... yes ... yes ... I know ... how could I have just learned?  Anyway, the Grey Cup is an unmistakable sign that fall has ended; that Canadian winter has begun.  So it is official.

I love the white peaceful tranquility of winter ... especially up here on a private road. Snow swallows noise. I think the different quality of light on a sunless day, like the contrast between colour and black and white photography, is lovely.  After being outside in invigorating air I like returning to the coziness of my home, especially if I have a fire lit.  The lake has developed a silvery skin near shore that is magical.  The whole lake is now varying shades of grey, white and silver, except where the water is still a liquid mirror reflecting the warm browns of the crumbling rock face. 

Just as an aside ... we now have two signs on the road over there.  One is the falling rock danger sign; the other tells drivers that the road is down to one lane; that they must give way.  It will be interesting to see what happens on ice (the road is always pooled with water coming from the blasted rock).  What if a rock slide happens when a car is on the road?.  Will the driver veer off into the lake?

But back to my real problem with winter: the aridity.  I do not like what I see in the bathroom mirror.  My hair and skin hate winter's dryness.  One turns into straight frizz and the other breaks out in angry blotches. 

And my sinuses hurt.  I can't use my usual sinus meds, the ones that are preventative, because they burn the inflamed and broken tissues, so I am back to swooshing with salt water, using a version of a neti cup.  My father did that ... and lived (for a smoker) a long healthy life.  I am out of Sinutabs which usually help fight an allergy to woodsmoke.  Will have to leave the lake some time today to purchase some.

... grumble, grumble, grumble ...

Just so I end on a positive note, though ... I am having Brome Lake duck for dinner today ... I just follow the simple recipe on the packaging ... and produce something mouth watering. We have excellent grocery stores up here in the hills ... ones that provide us with local and Quebec meats and produce ... but that is another ramble ... and I don't have time right now ... Kenya and I are off for our walk ... and then we will go to the village to run errands.

Oh ... a warm welcome to Helmut ... I am delighted that you are reading my blog ... I will write a proper response to your email later.


Barbara Carlson said...

Too bad about Olive, the pig-let (in red!) but you were no-doubt wise to terminate what could have been too hard on Olive & Kenya.

We have spent the last 3 days at shows, one in Westboro and the other (today) at the Rideau Tennis Club. Neither had many patrons...but we did OK in the end. The weather very messy with its "wintry mix" on Friday night making traveling and walking unpleasant.
Never again and Friday night show.

The pumpkin eulogy sublime. A complete time-laspe would be fun, if that is the word. Certainly interesting and beautiful in its own way. Like lovely photographs of really old people.

Do you keep a big pot of water boiling on your stove in winter?

Oma said...

3 days of shows ... that's a lot of preparation and setting up ... and sitting around ...

This weekend you had not only messy weather to hamper attendance but also the fact that many shows were happening concurrently.

Glad you liked the rotting pumpkin display ...

I haven't been doing the pot thing ... but also haven't had that many fires in the wood stove yet. It's just the winter aridity, I think. I will start some re-hydration though. Thanks for the reminder.

Colleen said...

You almost make me like winter. I hope you and Kenya had a great day.

Oma said...

Thanks, Colleen.

We did!

And now that I have found a shampoo/conditioner that re-hydrates (herbal Essences Hello Hydration) and taken a Sinutab, I am loving winter again.