Thursday, 30 December 2010

80 Before 80

I succumbed to the temptation and started a new list ... 80 Things to Do Before I Turn 80 ... I have written down 48 so far (6 years worth if I am counting that way ... which I am not.)  It is akin to a bucket list, I guess, but I don't want to do crazy over-the-top things like sky diving or climbing Everest.  Maybe I will be so tired of the trite that I will start throwing in things like that, though.

So far, though, I have included things that are on-going like nurturing existing friendships with people I love, taking regular artist's dates away from the lake, and getting back to cross country skiing regularly.  I have also mentioned a few once-in-a-life-time things, but really not many.  They seem to be falling into categories that have always sustained me rather than exciting things I haven't yet done.

And there are almost no want-to-buy things at all ... just the occasional one that needs to be bought or done anyway... like replacing my ugly, rusting, energy gobbling fridge.  Things that I will do one of these days  ... not splurges. 

I don't know whether this means I am utterly lacking in imagination or simply contented.

Anyway ... I have run out of steam and ideas ... can you help?

What would you put on your bucket list ... forgetting completely whether or not it is possible?

Have fun with this!

Today I am going snowshoeing with a couple of friends and then having them for dinner later.  Duck tonight. This is a test of endurance for me (not the duck - the snowshoeing ) because I have lost so much  stamina since my fall.  If you don't use it, you lose it ... and I can't afford to be a weakling living up here.

Have a great day.


Barbara Carlson said...

You are, for the most part, simply contented -- that's my take.
BUT you try to fill up your days beyond your house & lake -- is this a natural balance at work, or ?

80 things...boof. If you can't think of 80 perhaps that's telling you something as well. There is much to be said for just being, soaking up the tiny things around you, grateful for the miracle of them. It sounds easy, but ain't.

hybrasil said...

In my case, just one would suffice: change my luck!

Oma said...

Hybrasil: I figure I am my luck ... maybe I have to accept the fact that half of what happens to me is my own doing and the other half is beyond my control.

If anything, I find myself thinking I am remarkably lucky to be alive, living here, and able to enjoy the people (and puppy) I love.

So yes, Barbara I am indeed grateful.