Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Downy at the Sanity Saving Feeder

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kingmisha said...

Wonderful photos. I love Kenya sitting bum down in the snow. My Willy is not fond of snow. He is even less fond of -17 with wind chill. Most of his outdoor activity is inside the window looking out. Smart cat.

Oma said...

Kenya is on the end of a line these days because she so desperately wants to get out on the ice ... unsafe ice ... so her only outdoor entertainment is chasing the squirrels and watching for any signs of activity on the other side of the lake. Today she is watching the Bell guys moving poles.

The photographer took all of these photos from behind glass using the landscape setting which disables the flash. I was pleased with the shots because I managed to capture a hint of the snow that was falling.

Yesterday was my third day wearing real clothes and my first off the property since the fall. Scary and exhausting ... amazing how quickly you lose strength and confidence after that kind of wake-up call ... but it felt wonderful to see something new for a change. Will blog about the experience later.