Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Photos to Come

I tried to post a photo that Techwood took on Christmas Eve but he was using an application that must be patented or copywrite or something.  Blogspot refused to accept it.  Too bad.  It was cute.  My photo was on a billboard outside a bustling cafe in Paris.  He used his new phone ... one of those phones that can do everything ... tell time, give directions, act as a compass, take photos, everything but cook dinner and do dishes.  I was reminded of Maxwell Smart's shoe phone ... but a 21st century version.

My own photos are all locked in my camera because I left my camera case with all my cords etc. at Tamarack's.  I will get it tomorrow when her family comes here for dinner. Then I will share photos of live lobsters and livelier Lily.

Thursday a friend is coming up to the lake for snowshoeing and dinner.

And then, by heaven, it is New Year's Eve.

I haven't managed to stay awake till midnight on New Year's Eve in years, and so I haven't made any plans yet.  I don't make resolutions.  What I do do is think about the past year and write something reflective and forward looking and put it in the toe of my Christmas stocking so that I will have a record of what has been important in the past year and what my aspirations were for the following one.  It is instructive to reread these scraps of life each December.

I came across something I wrote about 1 1/2 years ago entitled "70 Things to do in my 70th Year".  I had got as far as writing down  #18 ... and had accomplished 4 and started 2 others ...

Of course I also did things I hadn't anticipated doing ... but that's why I don't make resolutions on New Year's Eve.

How do you celebrate New Year's?  I bet Barbara and John get in movies and snacks and stay in their pjs all day.   Sounds pretty good to me.  I think I may try it this year.


Barbara Carlson said...

Barbara and John don't do that for New Year's -- it's hard enough for them to do nothing/rest over Christmas -- No, it's back to work for John who was in the woods painting yesterday and plans to leave shortly for them today.

I am editing closets, cupboards, pitching stuff. I'm using a Commenter's idea in response to Scott Adam's (Dilbert author) blog post: National Discard Day

-- excerpt
(In December, people say "Happy holidays!" and "Happy New Year!" In June, around National Discard Day, you might hear something more along the lines of "Lose the Crocs, dipshit. You're not Woody Harrelson." National Discard Day would be cruel but practical.)

So... the commenter said she scooped up 27 things to pitch every two weeks of the year. A fun game. I get the urge to purge this time every year to clear the mind, and limber up the judgment muscles -- getting it ready to make artistic decisions.

As for food, we are still eating turkey and the balance of an Indian Meal (John's traditional birthday fare on December 27th).

But HNY to you, Barbara, and everybody who reads your great blog!

Oma said...

Thanks, Barbara. Happy New Year ... and Positive Purging ... makes me think I could do a little (or a lot) of that myself to rejuvenate my foggy brain.