Saturday, 15 January 2011

A grey Saturday Morning at the Lake

This has, once again, been a busy week that has flown by.

I taught Wednesday and spent most of Thursday in Ottawa.  I was exhausted after a day of appointments and errand-running, so tired that I went to bed without supper at 7:30 and slept for 12 hours!

On Friday the weather was beautiful and I spent two hours snowshoeing with Tom and his five old ladies ...  three of us in our seventies and two in their late sixties.  It was all uphill for 3.5 k. on the way out and much more pleasantly downhill on the return journey.  Kenya had a wonderful morning bounding hither, thither and yon.  She probably got in about 20 kilometres, most of it running.

One of the women was a new acquaintance and her xc skiing skills and courage seem to be on a par with my own.  I think we will get together some time soon.  It is hard to find someone who wants to ski but is as cautious, slow and inept as I am!

I have been invited to go on a moonlight potluck snowshoeing jaunt in the park with a much faster moving group on Monday evening.  Not sure whether I will make it.  It is 4 k. each way ... and I was exhausted by yesterday's excursion.  However the 8 k. would be broken up by a convivial meal around the woodstove at one of the cabins.  I will see how I feel after I have dealt with my day on Monday ... another trip to town that may end up being tiring too.

Today is meal delivery day ... so a morning of last minute veggie etc. preparation followed by packaging and delivery.  This week (as predicted)  has been much easier than last week was.  Instead of baguettes I am tucking in a tortilla dish made with my own tomato sauce, fresh tomatoes, black beans and Monterey Jack cheese.  I had it for supper last night and really liked it.  I am going to do more with tortillas from now on. I had intended to have salmon but again was too tired ... so that will be lunch today!

The other news is that I received an email from someone who bought one of my rocking chairs for her son last year and now wants another for her nephew.  I don't, unfortunately, have any rocking chairs available to work on ... but I will see what I can do.  If anyone reading this sees a child's rocker that needs a paint job and a new occupant, please let me know.

So ... I have managed to balance the week ... reading, writing, cooking, teaching, and snowshoeing ... not sure I've got it right yet.  Maybe the problem is that I am seventy years old and trying to fit too too many things into an old lady's week.

I am planning to play on the kick sled tomorrow ... or ski or snow shoe ... we are getting a dump, I hear.

Enjoy your weekend.


kingmisha said...

The dump is happening here. It's just beautiful here. Must get ready to pick up my friends with my AWD Subaru. It's the only car in the group that can handle this snow. We are heading to see "The King's Speech" which just opened in Ptb. yesterday.

Barbara Carlson said...

Yes. A dump after days and days of good driving and on the very day Lynne Sussman (who lives n. Low) was going to come down to Ottawa for a potluck supper here. I will have to be strong. John is out in this painting it...
Take care and don't do so much that you have to spend 12 hours sleeping off!

Oma said...

I want to see The King's Speech ... have heard good things.

I have been dealing with salmon pasta primavera and all the last minute stuff ... and am ready to stop dead and watch a movie.

I hope your friend makes it to Ottawa safely, Barbara ... and you take care driving, kingmisha.

Whatever I do tomorrow will be relaxing after today's final burst of speed just before the delivery.

Tomorrow I may also be entertaining 2 Golden Retrievers who want to come for a visit ... one of those doggy meet and greet situations ... should be fun in the snow!

Barbara Carlson said...

Lynne WAS going to come we cancelled to be prudent.
She said the driving was greasy around Wakefield where she had ventured first to the library there before coming down here. We always have such a good time together so it was sad to have a dump today.

Erin Kuhns said...

I know you well, Oma, and I never think of you as 70. In my mind you're in your 50's, easily. You are so active, smart, fun, creative...and that's not to say that that's not normal for a 70 year-old, but you create a life for yourself that will virtually guarantee that you'll always stay young!

Oma said...

Sorry about your snow day, Barbara.

Erin: you are very sweet. Now ... could you find me a man who is like me and free :-)

Erin Kuhns said...

I'll keep working on it! (And I appreciate you keeping your eyes open for me, too! hehe)