Saturday, 8 January 2011

Whew ... end of a busy week ... time to play

If I charged by the pound for contents, packaging and delivery I would be making about 25 cents a pound ...

It has been a hectic week ... back to teaching with huge amounts of prep time needed ... then making five multi-stage meals, desserts and homemade soup in a short period of time.

This is what I accomplished:

a kitchen that is a disaster
a fridge and freezer that are jam-packed and totally disorganized
several partial meals in the freezer

The boxes that are going out contain:

chili con carne with herby salad and french stick
pasta with a hearty meat sauce, spinach salad and french stick
chicken kebabs on rice with green beans and almonds
pork roasted in apple cider with oven roasted veggies and apple sauce
chicken stew with mushrooms, carrots and potatoes
dressings for the salads
banana bread
pumpkin cake
extra pasta sauce
grated parmesan
instructions for keeping and cooking


Today I am going to get my fridge and freezer re-organized and pre-cook any veggier that might not last till next weekend.

Next week should be easier because I have some cooked meat portions etc in the freezer now.

Right now I am going on my delivery run ... and this afternoon I am going out to play.

Have a great weekend, everybody.

Post Script:

Just got back from playing on the kicksled with a new friend who had a ball with it.  The fresh powder snow is wonderful for good runs on the hills.

I made a roasted tomato sauce that we had with nice bread; also a spinach salad for tonight and my Oma's pureed spinach with green onions and butter.

And I have got my garbage and recycling up the hill and organized the fridge and freeze.  I feel MUCH better now ...  Playing in the snow does wonders for the soul.  So does feeling on top of things!


Barbara Carlson said...

Once you get a system, you can start to make some $$.
(Time and motion study is a hobby of mine.)

Oma said...

I know you are right. I already feel more efficient:-)

I went out to play again today and brought another friend back here to play Scrabble.

Life is good.