Sunday, 30 January 2011

No News Sunday

My life has become so boring lately that I cannot find anything worth sharing with you.

Weekend ...    tidied up porch
Monday ...     iced in ... baked
Tuesday ...     iced in lesson and food prep
Wednesday ...X-ray and teaching
Thursday ...    Tired
Friday ...         Felt as if I'd been run over by a truck so didn't go snow shoeing
Saturday ...     Tammy and her gang came out and helped get the wood supply down the hill and into the porch

That was the best day ... Lily the wonder babe entertained us all and then nursed and fell asleep.

Apart from that ... I finished reading The Sentimentalists ... and felt relieved to be finished with it ... watched some good movies ... have started reading Vimy by Pierre Berton ... excellent  ... but I really want to read a piece of fiction that gathers me up in its covers and transports me to a whole new world of the imagination.  i have ordered a couple that I have hopes for ... Elegance of the Hedgehog and Cutting for Stone .

Next week does not appear to be terribly exciting ... I teach twice ... on Wednesday and then again on Saturday here at the lake.  I will make a lunch, one of my students will take us out snowshoeing and give us an interpretive tour, and then we will complete the lesson.  The rest of the week I expect to be cooking and painting that little table and chair.

Hope your days are more exciting than mine are!

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Barbara Carlson said...

Not much (excitement) here these days, either. On my day downtown on Friday I stopped to listen to an Elvis impersonator sing. Another woman stopped, too. She said, "I saw Elvis five times in concert and went to Graceland SO many times! But people just won't let him die."
"Ooh!" I say, "tell me about seeing him in concert."
"He's not the ONLY person who sings, you know! I sing and play the piano!" And then she walked off, clearly disgusted at my interest.