Thursday, 10 March 2011

A B of a Day

The freezing rain has changed back again to snow, Leonard's tractor battery is dead, the deer are having a terrible time in the snow that has them floundering about in my woods seeking food, and the bird seed is disappearing rapidly now that the blue jays have returned.

I am cooking bananas (that refuse after almost two weeks to ripen) the Kenyan way.  You fry chunks of banana and onion in margarine, add salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes and cover with tomatoes or homemade tomato sauce and cook till the bananas are still firm but easily pierced with a fork tine.  They are good and can replace potato for a meal.

I also have a great big iron pot filled with beans that are baking.  I used Madame Benoit's recipe ... chunks of pork (not salted) ... an onion coated in mustard, a little salt and a lot of maple syrup. A friend told me that my original recipe using salt pork plus salt was VERY salty.  This one may have to have salt added at the end.  In the last hour you put cored unpeeled apples on top and coat them with a butter and brown sugar mixture.  The beans are sweet and fruity and crunchy on top.

I canceled my class yesterday because I was afraid none of us would get back home safely after 7 p.m.  and got started on a little box that is harder than a chair because I am trying to get the same effect in far smaller spaces ... and am discovering my own limitations!  However ... I shall persevere.

I am not looking forward to shoveling the steps ... and I have to since Leonard has left a wall of snow taller than I am at the top of the other route up to the road.

When is this winter that started in March ever going to end?

So ... dead batteries ... unhappy Bambis ... starving blue jays eating all the bird seed  ... unripe bananas ... baked beans ... and a box ... a B of a day.


Barbara Carlson said...

Bra-va! All you are missing is banjo music to cook by.
Always a cheery sound.

Down in Ottawa -- 22 stories up --I do feel a little under house arrest. It looks not too bad from up here, but I am not going down to have a look. That can wait until tomorrow, my day off, when I go downtown...

Oma said...

I managed to get 13 of the steps done (1/3), feed the birds and the squirrel, take Kenya for a walk, give Leonard a feed of the beans (they taste like candy!) and get a whack done on the little box. No banjo music ... watching a good movie about a down and out country singer though ... will guitar music and a voice honeyed by whiskey do?

Tomorrow Peter will collect his food and get started on my staircase. And I will work with him and also on the little box.