Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Wondering Where the Wild Things Are?

They are here at Pike Lake.

Moles are scurrying about under the snow and Kenya is very interested. She goes out on her lead and just spends her time following her nose.  Such a delicacate quivering goes on ... no rowdy excitement ... just intense curiosity ... and I haven't seen her salivate yet.

The bird feder is active ... on around and below ... the red squirrel was there yesterday.  Someone was out shooting squirrels the other day ... I guess he figured it was easier than closing in the holes in his house. Honestly!

A deer was killed a few days ago ... either hit by a car or fell off a cliff ... all their trails have been disrupted over there ... anyway, her body was a Kenya magnet and I was forced to hold onto Kenya by the tail ... and exert my dominance ... in order to keep her away from it.  She managed one little sniff and a lick of innards ... and then vomited all night ... and that is why she is tied outside these days.

The other three lake does are everywhere ... and can almost not be designated wild any more.

I haven't seen them but apparently there are twenty-some wild turkeys up in the fields of the nearest farmer.

In other news my poor little car may need a major suspension job ... will have to contemplate whether to spend large amounts of money on a car that will be fourteen in the fall ... how much is that in people years?  I canceled my snow tire change because we still have lots of snow up here ... and there would be no point in getting the tires changed if I am going to trade in my car soon.  I will get the oil changed.  I don't want her to suffer in her old age.

Today is teaching day ... so must run ... I have figured out that I clear $5 per hour for teaching ... $6 per hour for catering ... and $8 per hour for dog sitting!  Shows clearly what is valued in our society, doesn't it?


Barbara Carlson said...

In car years, that is 140. Time for more than an oil change, but loved the image, "Don't want her to suffer in old age..."

Spring is def. on the move...the sap is rising. You can see it in the tree branches which are gaining colour, and nibbly bits.

deb said...

How many km does your car have on it?

Oma said...

Today felt more like spring but still parka weather up here.

The Toyota has 190,000 kilometres on it, Deb.

kingmisha said...

My Subaru is 13 years old and is also under the dreaded 200,000 km line. At this age (mine not the car's) I'm concerned about laying out money for a new car. On the other hand I'm also concerned about something breaking down and being stuck out on the road somewhere. I think I may have a brake issue developing that may be pricey to fix.

My dear old car has been so reliable and economical I hate to divorce her now, when she needs me. What to do, what to do?

I find your ranking of hourly wages both funny in an ironic way, and very depressing.

Courage my dear.

Oma said...

Yes, kingmisha, at our age it feels more hazardous to be driving what could become a wreck of a car ... although I must say that in some ways car problems are not quite as stressful. I am NEVER on my way to something that cannot be canceled these days. However; I do not feel as secure about the idea of a long trip ... especially in poor weather ... and the lack of a/c makes the prospect of any summer drive daunting.

My Toyota, like your Subaru, has been a reliable and economical car and I will be sorry to say good bye to her, but this might be the time. I will know better tomorrow when Grant takes a look.

Barbara Carlson said...

We keep our cars much too long.

My first car, bought new, was so old when it died, the lid had rusted shut. I just walked away.

Driving along in one old van, we smelled smoke. I said, "What's THAT!" John said, "Oh, about 600 bucks."

Another van needed the 2 inches of rust on the bottom of its doors sorted, so we left it at a body shop for two weeks while we went to California -- told them to do whatever they needed to do to fix it.

Returned to find the van with just the roof beams left. Four new doors, panels, bumpers...cost $5,000 (in 1987) but we drove it 2 more years and the police in Rockcliffe stopped following us till we were out of their jurisdiction.

We now have a bought-new Toyota that is 6 years old. We love it. Only 48,000 km. Glad to hear yours, Barbara, has 190,000. But promised ourselves we would not keep it too long. But we never learn.