Wednesday, 23 March 2011

My World Update

Just a quick post to let your know that I am alive and well and painting ... and reading ... and enjoying my insomnia by making love to a small clock radio in the middle of the night.  The radio waves seem to go directly into my body ... my heart hums ... I wonder if it is safe.  CBC Overnight is far better than CBC daytime programming.

Last night I heard all about attempts to translate Gunter Grass' newest offering ... an untranslatable book about the Brothers Grimm and their failed attempt to create a German dictionary.  They died before getting to the middle of the alphabet.  Grass has structured his book like a dictionary and to do a proper translation is impossible without creating gibberish from a masterpiece.

My staircase is going slowly.  I continue to live in the chaos of a small renovation.

Must cut this short as I have to prepare for my class this afternoon and put a third coat on a section of railing.

Have a great Wednesday and a fine end of the week.  Spring is in the air even if ice is still underfoot.


Barbara Carlson said...

Welcome back.
Insomnia at our age is such a bore.
If any of the appliances in your bedroom emit light -- cover them up. Best to sleep in pitch black if possible.

Just how close do you have your radio?

Oma said...

Hi Barbara,

Well it is no longer boring me ... thanks to excellent all night programmes. And the answer to your question: it is in bed with me ... Kenya on one side by my feet and legs, the radio up near my face. The reception seems to be helped by being in the bed. And pitch blackness doesn't seem to be truly possible because of all my windows ... but I wake up to answer the call of my bladder usually ... not because I sense light ... or at least that is what seems to be happening.

Barbara Carlson said...

Don't drink after 6 PM.

deb said...

I have been hearing that you should take the clock right out of your room unless there is a reason that you absolutely have to get up at a certain time.

It is the artificial light that I think Barbara is referring to.