Saturday, 19 March 2011

Those Firemen ...

Yesterday's firemen were standing looking up, up, up because there was a fire.  I didn't realize until Peter arrived for work after I had posted yesterday.  Apparently a tree fell on the live hydro wire and didn't trip whatever kind of safety device it should have.  Instead, the tree became a carrier of electricity and started several small fires on the mountain across the lake.  Peter saw it all, and he and someone else on the lake called it in.

So ... what happened all day yesterday ... and is continuing today ... and will likely continue until the contractor retires or dies ... is gouging (of more than one sort).  A huge earth moving machine with a crane and bucket which looks tiny against the mountain is attempting to knock down all the loose rock. 

The dogs and I went over to watch yesterday.  The bucket was slammed against the face of the hill and then a cascade of rock came down onto the machine.  This was repeated for a while and then the rubble was transferred to the truck which took it away ... somewhere ...   Then the clawing started, and still more came down. 

There is a limit to how high the crane can reach, but I guess they figure if they undercut enough, eventually they will reach bedrock.  I kind of doubt it because they are working on shale. 

And the crane is puny compared to the mountain.  It can cripple it but it can't destroy it completely. The poor mountain looks scarred and the mounds of rubble continue to grow despite the truckloads that are being hauled away.

Are they insane, or am I?

Probably me.  They have provided themselves with a never-ending task that will leach out thousands and thousands of tax dollars forever.

I took photos yesterday but cannot post them till Tamarack returns and can help me sort out why the computer software is not allowing me to export photos. 

I will also post a photo of the little jewelery box  when I can.

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