Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Adjustment Time

Nothing is easy these days.  I feel as if my whole world has been turned upside down.  A good friend suggested I start walking on my hands ... but since that is not likely to happen, I guess I will just have to adjust bit by bit.

My new vehicle scares me ... steep learning curve  My new camera needs to be studied.  My new computer screen doesn't look the way it used to.  I have a couple of new teaching gigs starting next week so I have to prepare in a vacuum.   And there is someone new in my life ... and that requires an adjustment.  All of this is good ... but I am feeling a little overwhelmed just now.

So ... if you don't hear from me except sporadically ... it's just the adjustment phase ... I am climbing several steep learning curves just now ... eventually I will feel comfortable in my new skin.

On a very practical level, I pick up Remi on Thursday and he joins the family for about 10 days.

A good friend is going to be performing here in Wakefield the end of the month ... and the Ottawa Area Guild of Potters are having their annual show this weekend as well ... and it is my baby's fortieth birthday so I will be touching base with him as well.  So April is going out in a burst of flame.  maybe it will melt the last of the snow here.


Barbara Carlson said...

What kind of car did you buy?

See you when I see you; just relax and enjoy your life.

hybrasil said...

Happy Birthday, Robbie! Life begins....