Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Let's all live, love and laugh

My week started well ... more staircase painting  ... baby hugs from Lily ... Tammy's birthday celebration ... a good night's sleep in town ... back to staircase painting on Tuesday ... and today is a prep for class and teaching day while Peter continues to paint the staircase.

The staircase is beginning to take form and I can see the possibilities for design emerging.

Lily is now 6 months and a honey.  Her mom just got a wonderful tattoo ... tasteful ... and in a place that is unlikely to droop or get flabby , leaving her at 70 with a skewed tattoo.  Black lettering curves discreetly along her instep ... a permanent reminder to live, laugh and love ... and to raise Lily within that philosophy, a philosophy that will become stronger and more necessary, rather than fading and become irrelevant as she ages.

Lily's grandmother sent me a cute reminder to do the same myself  (live the philosophy ... not get a tattoo):. a set of drink napkins decorated with the reasons women drink ... a list of annoying men (men who ...) and then ... the words: "no men". I laughed.  Also reminded me that life itself operates imperfectly ... with no easy choices.

Enjoy the rest of your week.  I intend to live, laugh ... and who knows? ... maybe even love a little!


Barbara Carlson said...

Seen this?

Oh, can you see videos on your computer?

Send it to Lily's mum and next time you are there...

It is the reaction of a 5 month (I think) baby to his mother blowing her nose. Priceless.

Oma said...

I will send it on ... thanks for the link.

Tamarak said...

Oh...that video is priceless...had us laughing! Thank you Barbara C! was Lily's Great-Gran who sent you the funny napkins!

Thank you again for was fun to get out...and the coffee mug hold a proper and decent amount of coffee!

Oma said...

I knew Lois was Lily's great-gran ... just mis-wrote!

Thank you to Lois ... I love them!