Sunday, 10 April 2011

Odd photo explained

Tamarack was working on my computer yesterday, and, as part of that process, trying to figure out why I couldn't find and post photos.  We posted the early photo of the staircase because that was easily available.  Still lots of work to do but it is also much further along than that photo shows.

I will be glad when the work is completed because then the mess can be cleaned up ... but it has been fun working with my friend Peter on this indoor project.

Must run ... have to get out and back in before the road becomes a sludgy river of Leda clay.  It already has crevasses that forced Tamarack to park and walk from Rowboat Flo's  yesterday.  Her car is even closer to the ground than mine and has a particularly low slung exhaust system.

Have a great week.


Barbara Carlson said...

The photo of the stairs didn't post for me. There is just a question mark where it should be.

Colleen said...

Hi to Tamarack and Oma! The photo isn't showing up for me either. Just the red X.