Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Other Excitement at the Lake a 6 Alarm Fire

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Tamarak said...

Oh dear...where on the lake is that?

Is this your new camera?

Colleen said...

Wow. I am so sorry for those involved. I hope no person or critter was hurt.

Barbara Carlson said...

Fire and water. Out of place they are very, very bad.

Oma said...

This is the house of the lake's newest non-resident. He bought the place to flip it quickly, and is very seldom there. Last summer he was around getting it ready to sell and we have only seen him a handful of times since. The For Sale sign went up in October, I think.

The day of the fire he was there for a short time. The smoke was evident perhaps 5 - 10 minutes after he left and neighbours called 911. There were six fire trucks from several municipalities, plus ambulance plus police.

I was barricaded in overnight as the emergency vehicles were blocking our road. Leonard (my snow plow guy) phoned to let me know ... he wanted to be sure I was okay.) They all left around 1 a.m. I took the photos in the morning.

No one was inside and the firemen kept their hoses trained on the neighbouring houses as well. His next door neighbour moved her vehicle away and slept at her son's because the power was turned off to the four closest houses.

So no real damage except to a piece of real estate ... and once more that part of the lake will endure a messy summer ... this time from demolition, I suspect.

Barbara Carlson said...

The house didn't want to be flipped and self-immoliated, obviously.

But, good to see the fire dept. in action. Reassuring, surely.