Tuesday, 7 October 2008

8 Hours of Sleep

Wow! When did that last happen? Both Kenya and I slept like babies last night. Wonder where that expression came from. Babies are not really deep sleepers. But I guess "slept like teenagers" would not conjure up the same images of round bums and peach skin ... sprawling gangliness instead.

It is still dark and the poinsettia plant remains tucked in the closet for the rest of the 14 hours of darkness it needs daily in the fall if it is to bloom in December. As soon as it is light outside I will take Kenya for a walk and feed Oberon. If Kenya's tummy seems to be back to normal I may plan a day in town.

I'd like to buy gas since it is lower than it has been for a while, visit Sarah and Remi in their new house, and spend some time with Tammy. I have to run errands but none are essential today.

But there are some places to explore: a concrete house on Pretoria whose exterior has been decorated by its artist-owner , the Mid-East grocery store where my nose will be sublimely happy, and the Sally Ann where I can just poke about looking for treasures.

Or I may just start to do some felting and finish the pair of special mitts I am making for my arthritic fingers, and put off the trip to town till Thursday.

It feels wonderful to have energy, enthusiasm and choices simultaneously.


Tamarak said...

A good night's sleep is a wondrous thing!
So…are you poking around in the Sally Ann…or are you curled up in front of the wood stove knitting?
I haven’t heard from you…so I am guessing that you are curled up in your lovely spot!
It is a beautiful fall day today…sunny, crisp…
If I were you…I would opt to stay out where you are on such a glorious day!

Oma said...

Kenya is still not 100% so I didn't want to either leave her here or bring her to town. She is still sick enough to be on the plain rice diet but well enough to complain about it. It wouldn't be as bad if she were not such a good communicator. She dumps the rice all over the floor and rattles the pan, then goes to the cookies and real food and tells me she wants some.

Mud Mama said...

LOL That is exactly what Mica does!