Tuesday, 14 October 2008

On Voting Strategically

This will be the first time I have cast my ballot for any party other than the NDP ... if I can actually do it once I am in that booth. I have tried before but been unable to bring myself to put that X beside the name of the other candidate.

This time I think I will be able to even though the NDP candidate is an intelligent woman, a teacher, someone I respect.


Because I am in one of the tight race ridings. The Conservatives have a small lead over the Bloc which has a small lead over the Liberals ... and the two best parties are well behind. The incumbent here is a Conservative who has no empathy for people, not even the ones in his region. And this is Pontiac riding. It has an ultra conservative anglo population especially around Shawville. I think the Liberals are the only ones who could possibly get the English vote away from the Conservatives.

But then I think, what if other strategic voters decide to vote for the Bloc because they are in second place? What if I am simply throwing away my vote?

So ... bottom line is that I may get into that booth and waver and fail once again to vote against my heart.


Barbara Carlson said...

It could be worse, you might have had to vote for Palin...

deb said...

I tried to vote strategically but my hand kept going back to the NDP candidate who was dropped into the riding two weeks before the election and even admitted that he wasn't up to speed on the issues. I was going to vote Green who beats the NDP in my riding every time, but finally went NDP...that's my upbringing.

Mud Mama said...

I voted liberal. Brison used to be a progressive conservative and he changed sides. I have to respect a gay fiscal conservative who followed his heart when it most definitely could have been political suicide...I felt a little icky afterwards but I can't stomach a conservative getting in here.

Oma said...

Barbara ... yes ... a woman farmer and neighbour was definitely an easier choice.

Deb ... that is exactly what I always did (and will do again) but my father was a staunch Liberal.

Mud Mama ... did your vote count?

deb said...

I think that when Justin enters the field in a few years...you will see more people like Opa that were influenced by the Trudeau charm and charisma.

Oma said...

Opa was a staunch Liberal long before Trudeau. Trudeau influenced my generation. Unfortunately I don't think anyone is going to be another Pierre Elliot Trudeau ... that combination of sex, intelligence, education and social justice is rare. How did Justin do in his own riding?

Maybe Paul Dewar might become our next charismatic leader. That would be VERY nice.