Tuesday, 28 October 2008

What a difference a river makes ...

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Yesterday I had my second ultrasound in the past few months. The first was done at the Gatineau Hospital; the second at the Riverside. The contrast was striking.


1. I had to drink 8 cups of water.
2. Result: I was in pain.
3. They were ½ hour behind schedule.
4. I HAD to pee.
5. The technician was rough.
6. She had to do a second 15 minute probe that was even rougher than the first.
7. She did not get a clear result.
8. I was traumatized and in pain for a couple of days after.

1. I was told to drink 3 cups.
2. My bladder was full, not painful.
3. The procedure was done on time.
4. I didn't have to pee so both ultrasounds could be done.
5. The technician was quietly competent and calm.
6. She did both ultrasounds without incident.
7. I will get the results in 2 weeks.
8. I felt perfectly comfortable afterwards.

I have had bad experiences at both of the hospitals on the Quebec side of the Ottawa River. The Gatineau and Hull Hospitals really frighten me. Several of their emergency room doctors resigned a year ago because conditions were dangerous. The Hull Hospital had to close its operating theatres for a while a few weeks ago because their sterilization equipment was a mess. Yesterday I heard that the staff members were taking on the job of recruiting for additional staff since the administration was not doing the job.

My own doctor told me that she has patients who work at those two hospitals but will not go to either as a patient because of the understaffing and incompetence.

I've encountered delays and confusion, a doctor who was incompetent and uncaring, and an ultrasound technician who might have been a plumber or a member of the cleaning staff called in because the technician was off sick, but I have also been treated well by an older anaesthetist who must feel terrible that his hospital is serving the community so badly that people fear it.

Our local paper reported that Quebecers have the highest anxiety rates in the country. I wonder if the state of the medical system as seen in the Outaouais is a contributing factor.

On an almost totally different subject, and one I promised not to blog about again, I have discovered a homeopathic medicine that after a couple of days seems to be providing, if not a cure, at least tremendous relief for those damned hot flashes and night sweats.

Thanks goodness for the Riverside Hospital and for homeopathic medications!


deb said...

and what? You're not going to share? I would love to be able to drink wine again and if your cure does that for me, I am all ears.

Oma said...

It is called Homeocan ... homeopathic pellets for menopause. Ingredients are:

lachesis mutus
amyl nitrosin
aurum metallicum
sanguinairium canadensis

I sometimes have waves of nausea and weakness that remind me of low blood sugar since I have been taking it ... and if that doesn't subside completely I will get in touch with a homeopathic practitioner Kerry recommended who lives in Chelsea.

Erin said...

I STRONGLY recommend you print out this blog entry in the form of a letter and send it to both the Gatineau and Riverside Hospitals. It will probably not do anything, but nothing will change unless people point out specifics the way you have. I really, really hope you are feeling better sooooon!

P.S. I discovered a homeopathic remedy for bladder infections called Uva Ursi. I have never had to take antibiotics again! (And I get the infections WAY less frequently!) Homeopathic medicine is GREAT!!!

Oma said...

Erin ... bug me about this ...