Monday, 13 October 2008

Giving Thanks

This has been an outstanding weekend so far, and it is only 2/3 over. The weather has been sublime. I've had fun. I have felt a part of community. Who could ask for anything more?

On Saturday after walking Kenya a couple of times I went to a Thanksgiving afternoon and dinner at Erin's. She had gathered together an amazingly eclectic group of good people. I met and got to know people I had only met in passing like Edwin, the man who installed my pine floors. I met some great new people (among them, Ed's girl friend, Sophie, and Emma, his four year old daughter, Sophie's Franco-Ontarian friends, and Danny, the Texan musician who is Erin's friend). An added bonus was seeing Chris and Myrrha, students I had taught way back when. Both were students I really liked, and they have grown up to be people any mom would be proud of -- handsome, talented and warm. Thank you Erin. I can't remember when I have had so much fun at a party. You have a talent for being really truly inclusive.

On Sunday I walked with Kenya a couple of times and delivered new DVDs to my friends Claire and Tom. Claire is looking radiant and has gained two pounds despite the chemo she is undergoing.

In the late afternoon, I went to the Black Sheep where Danny was performing. I was prepared for an acceptable performance by a new friend, but he was wonderful. Erin, Ed, Sophie, Emma and I sat together eating bags of chips and drinking draft. Danny's music made my feet dance under the table and drew Emma out onto the dance floor when she wasn't singing along silently and drawing pictures for him.

I thought often of my own grandchildren as I interacted with Emma, and I called Kerry on Sunday morning. She and the family were having a homeless woman and her child and a couple of other needy people over to share their Thanksgiving turkey dinner.

So, this Thanksgiving I am giving thanks for family, our environment, and for good friends; and I am offering up a prayer to the universe that over the next year we can protect the things that really matter.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all my friends and family who read my blog.


Tamarak said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!!

Strange not seeing you for Thanksgiving...have seen you for the past few years at this time, haven't we?...except for the one 2 years ago...saw you, but you were not in good shape...hard to believe that is 2 years ago now...time flies...

The Opinicon was beautiful...the nice drive through fall colours and then the resort itself was charming!

See you this week I hope!

Barbara Carlson said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!
I try to be grateful every day, even on this one which was Out of Sync...they of the annoyingly offputting happenings was opening my studio window on this windy day and getting a face full of dead flies!
You have to laugh, eh?

Oma said...

Thanks to both of you ... and for both of you ...