Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Two Susans

My second daughter was due today but since she had already arrived a week before, this day fifty years ago, was probably just another day after another sleepless night and no more bloggable than today. Sorry ... I wish I could summon up something more exciting for you.

Well, now ... what to write about? I am writing but it would be really boring to blog about writing!

Sarah and Remi were here yesterday morning. She brought some wonderful baklava and we had tea before heading out with the dogs to the logging road. Kenya chased sticks into the stream that runs under the bridge, and wrestled and bounded after Remi. Both dogs came home exhausted, dirty and happy. Sarah and I ate stew with colcannon for lunch. Yummy.

In the afternoon I swept and mopped up dog hair (Kenya's ... Remi doesn't shed) and did some writing.

After supper I watched The Killing Fields (one tough movie), took Kenya out to pee, had a warm bath, swallowed my natural sleep remedy, and slept for two hours. I awoke, slept for an hour, and drifted back to sleep, waking at one hour intervals ... again. I was perfectly happy all night long but I think next time I go to the pharmacy I am going to look at their homeopathic relief for hot flashes. I would really prefer to sleep during the night and be fully awake all day.

I have been writing a piece about how moving out here to the lake has changed my perspectives and my life. It is far too long and rambling and is ready for a first edit. I had intended to do that today, but instead, it will become part of tomorrow's plan. Today is my only chance to see the work of a sculptor Tammy found. Susan Valyi works with wood, bone, metal and soapstone, and her work is being shown at the Lafreniere and Pai Gallery on Murray Street.

It is very easy to put aside editing for fun.


deb said...

Do you drink wine at night? I know, who doesn't eh? But, I find that my symptoms are almost the exact same as yours, but they are not as bad on the nights that I have no wine or just one glass. Try not drinking any alcohol for a couple of nights and see if that helps. I was talking to another friend who hasn't slept in eight years and she said that hers are worse when she drinks too. Maybe we have to give up alcohol for a while?

Oma said...

Of course I do. I would try reluctantly to give it up ... but I think to really make a difference I would have to give up tea because of caffeine, spicy foods and hot foods too since all of these seem to trigger the hot flashes.

But yes I will try that. Maybe I can have dinner at noon and have wine then :-)

hybrasil said...

Susan is fifty?????? But she can't be.... I'm only 30!!!!

deb said...

Another option, if you don't want to give up wine, is to pick a couple of days a week where you absolutely need to sleep right through and just not have wine those's that for a run on sentence? I don't find that it has a cumulative affect so just pick and choose your days.

Oma said...

Deb ... I will try that ... thanks.

Hybrasil ... I feel old enough today to have grandchildren in their fifties ... no sleep again.