Saturday, 13 December 2008


This is a day to burrow in and play with my toys. No snow shoveling for me today. My home is toasty warm and filled with partly finished projects that tempt me.

... four new books.

... a half finished pair of felted slippers for Mud Mama (I tore out the first one and started over)

... a raft of Christmas ornaments I made in pottery class ready to paint

... a couple of other pottery projects to do something with.

... and three more pairs of slippers to design and make before Mud Mama's gang arrives. I may not get them done but the floor is now really warm underfoot so I don't feel as if I have to do it right away.

I am well equipped to stay home and play.

And my larder is stocked after yesterday's shopping excursion so we will eat well this weekend.


Tamarak said...

Thank you for was delicious (as usual)...and glad we saved you from left-over left-overs!!! So I shouldn't feel guilty about inviting ourselves out!

After we left, it was so amazing with the full moon and the moon-shadows from the trees on the we walked the dogs on your road instead of back in was very cold...but soooooooooooooo beautiful!

Oma said...

Were you able to take any photos? I love moonlight on snow up here, especially when the moon is full.

Tamarak said... photos...I wish I could have...but I would have needed a tripod and I don't have one :(