Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Finally, a car becomes visible

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Barbara Carlson said...

wow!...and today all is calm, with butter-wouldn't-melt in-its-mouth clear, sunny skies.

Yesterday we did our errands (anyway) with shops nicely uncrowded, but driving was hell -- like in
4 inches of raw pie pastry on a greased cookie sheet.

So glad to get home with us and car in original pieces.

Oma said...

Tonight was spectacularly lovely with the enormous moon. After all my shoveling I slept for almost two hours and when I awoke it was dark so I turned on all the Christmas tree lights and Kenya and I walked around the lake to see what they looked like from across the lake. The whole walk was magical.

Unfortunately my car does not seem to have been moved an inch. I will have to deal with that tomorrow in daylight.