Sunday, 21 December 2008

Update on the Evil Eye

Two ophthamologists examined it for a very long time and came away scratching their heads. It is not acting like a classic infection or a classic allergy. They have ordered a CTscan to rule out the unlikely possibility of a tumour (shades of Fozzie Bear!) and I am on Cipro, a strong antibiotic, for 5 days and have an appointment again at 9 a.m. on Boxing Day.

Maurice's van is in the ditch on Rutledge Road and the CAA should be here by 3 to pull him out. Then we will have to park at a neighbour's till the road is plowed.

Merry just before Christmas!


zoom said...

How weird about your eye.

skylark said...

Not a pretty eye and probably not the best time of year to have to worry about it. Wonder if a bottle of wine will help?
BTW, it's spelled "Ophthalmologist". I only know that because my Dad is one and I've had the spelling memorized since I was five.

Barbara Carlson said...

Maybe the swollen eye is a combination of both allergy to wool lanolin/dander (?) AND an infection.
But this too shall pass...

(Have you spoken to Google?)

Merry Seasonal Thingy!

Oma said...

Zoom ... yes, very weird.

Barbara: We've all spoken to Google including the MD I saw in Ottawa. The CTscan is being done tomorrow morning at the General so I should know something by the 26th when I see the ophthalmologist again.

I hope a bottle of wine would help, SkyLark, but yesterday I nearly gagged on wine ... the combination of wine, antibiotics and antihistamine, I hope. Thank you for the reminder about the "l" in ophthalmologist.

Merry Holidays to all of you.

Tamarak said...

Yes...anti-biotic can ruin the taste of wine! I found that out last time I was on some...

Wow...they got you in quickly for the CTscan! You have learned how to work the system, me thinks! Now, if only you didn't have to!

Oma said...

I don't know what I did except arrive with something three or four doctors had never seen before ... and go to an Ontario clinic rather than to an Outaouais hospital.

It kind of worries me that they are moving this quickly. No complaints, mind you ... just thinking that no one gets really fast service even if they need it ... unless it might be something really bad.