Friday, 5 December 2008

The Moments in Which We Live

Well, yesterday I lived in the moment. I started making the Christmas stollen before I turned on the radio. From then on I was caught up in Canada's unpropitious moment. Unfortunately Michaelle Jean's decision will have effects that will last well into the New Year. It may have been a momentary lapse, but it is not something that can be forgotten in a moment.

Last night when I went to bed I noticed a slight swelling of my right eye. When I awoke this morning I had the ugliest mug in the universe. The eye bulged grotesquely. It reminded me of my cat Fozzie Bear just before we had to have her put down when the brain tumour grew too large and painful. I have to keep bathing it with very hot water on a face cloth in order to open the eye at all, so today I will live in the moment again ... my own unpropitious one.

Just before I sign off to bathe it again:

1. The stollen was wonderful ... and easy ... done to the dough stage in the bread maker.

2. To drown my sorrow about the GG's decision I watched (wallowed in) Must Love Dogs (again) and cried tears of joy (again) when Mother Theresa swam to the canoe and the lovers ended up where they belonged ... in each other's arms.

3. Today will be a day when I cannot use my eyes for more than 15 minutes at a time ... what the hell kind of day is that??? Does it mean I have to drink wine all day???

4. And here is a photo of the lake yesterday morning.

It means that it is a skating rink today provided it stays cold this time.


Tamarak said...

What has happened to your eye?...did you pick up some nasty city germ on your trip in the other day?

Hope it clams and gets better soon!

What else can you do but sit and bathe your eye and drink wine all day???!!!

The lake looks beautiful...hope you are still going to be up for our visit tomorrow...let me know...

Oma said...

I have no idea what caused this. Yes of course we are still on for tomorrow ... If my eye is worse I will be asking you to take me to a walk-in clinic or to the ER at the Wakefield Hospital. I wouldn't take a chance on driving today but the bathing seems to be making some difference so maybe that's all that is needed.

Oma said...

Oh ... by the way ... if we were to have an ugly contest I would win hands down!

Tamarak said...

I'm not sure about that...I have my ugly face-rash, remember!
Although the steroids are slowly calming it down!
Not fast enough for my liking though!

Tamarak said...

Oh...and if we have to go to the hospital or clinic...I hope they won't mind if we sit and drink wine in the waiting room!

Oma said...

Believe me, my eye out uglies your rash 5:1. And they better let us drink as we wait if the wait times are typical of this region.