Thursday, 4 December 2008

Living for Today

Yesterday, after Kenya's 1 hour morning walk, I made one of my rare excursions to Ottawa. It began with Loblaws, then wool and needle pick-up, a gas fill-up, and wine making at DeFalco's. It was noon so I went to the best little restaurant in Ottawa, Wellington Sandwiches, where I ordered homemade carrot soup and a Wellington burger. Then I headed back via Hull where I went to the SAQ for cheap wine while I am waiting for my own (even cheaper) wine, and I visited Tamarak's Table. I stopped in Chelsea where I spoke to the man who oils my car every year, and finally arrived in Wakefield where I picked up Giant Tiger food specials (chocolate milk for 99 cents), the post office where I chose not to send a parcel overseas for double its value, and the hardware store where I couldn't buy sand but did buy a snow shovel.

I carted everything along the road and down the hill in two trips with the $5 sled I bought at the Recycle Box and threw a few sticks for Kenya, put away everything ... and then collapsed.

The only time I stopped moving was when I had lunch. I read a good magazine article on universities. That is one of the reasons the sandwich shop is such a good little restaurant. They keep excellent reading material on hand while you wait for the tiny one woman show to get your food ready. She makes soap and good healthy food, all from clean natural ingredients ... and she has the good sense to choose Walrus rather than Chatelaine. All right ... so the Wellington burger is not the healthiest choice on her menu ... but I can guarantee it is the best burger in town, bar none.

That and my stop at Tamarak's were my only breaks.

But that was yesterday, and I don't have to make the trek into Ottawa again soon.

Christmas is coming and Zoom has reminded me that I need to do some thinking about that. After thinking scattered thoughts, I finally came to a conclusion. I would stop thinking about it and go back to what seems to be making me happy these days ... living in the now.

Today I will play with my new wool and needles and my felted tea cozy. I will brush my dog. I will use my new shovel to scrape off the steps as soon as things melt enough, and I will break up that activity by throwing sticks for Kenya. I will make a Christmas stollen which we will likely eat on Saturday when I have my tree trimming contest and potluck party.

Today is shaping up to be a good day, and if we get fresh snow tomorrow I may get my skiis out and play on the hill before Leonard sands again.

But that is tomorrow.

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