Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Tea Cozies and Poetry

Not sure where this idea sprang from ... or why ... but I decided a way to create a series of tea cozies that were related but all different would be to seek out simple images like the balloons from Tamarak's painting (ones that can be cut from felt) and include with each tea cozy some lines of poetry about balloons or kites or butterfies or whatever.

Some interesting snippets I gathered as I researched balloons:

"Even lead balloons float if the magic is strong enough."

"I hate letting my mind wander.
I'm afraid it won't come back."

The balloon seller is seen metaphorically as a "dispenser of joy; a harbinger of spring."

"Our papas have formed a poetry club ... poems have balloons and sex and giraffes in them."

I began with a memory of a poem about an old woman selling balloons but I couldn't find it on- line. I did find 99 Luft ballons, and I discovered several other poems about balloons, one by Sylvia Plath and one by Carl Sandburg.

Then I went looking for poetry about kites. I was able to find Leonard Cohen's "A Kite is a Victim You are Sure of", and discovered some new ones as well.

Another series I would like to do is based on Tamarak's Arctic paintings. The colours are strong, the shapes simple, and the lines bold.

And then there could be a very open-ended series based on nature which would go well with these lines by William Blake. ("Auguries of Innocence")

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
Hold Infinity in the Palm of your Hand
And Eternity in an Hour

Of course, how many people actually use tea cozies? I keep running into people, even tea afficionados, who dip their tea bags into mugs instead of making tea properly with fresh boiling water in preheated pots left to steep the requisite period of time. Coffee, which I can no longer tolerate much of, is given far more respect these days.

I guess maybe the idea of tea cozies married with poetry comes from my own practice of bringing a tray with tea pot, cup and milk jug up to my den where I reflect on things first thing in the morning.


Barbara Carlson said...

I have a real problem with balloons: I hate them.
They are the bloated equivalent of the yellow smiley face.

BUT...that said, we did buy large-ish pearl white ones and filled them with helium for a birthday party of mine and the next morning came into John's studio to find them floating halfway between the ceiling and the floor. At different heights. Quite enchanting and magical.

Oma said...

See? There is magic in them!

Tamarak said...

Hey...that's so cool!
I inspired someone!!!