Saturday, 28 March 2009

Sock it to me!

I made a brief appearance at the Black Sheep. I was the woman sitting fairly close to the door knitting. I left when Layla arrived ... spoke with her for a few minutes and then made my way back to the hermitage.

They had a great crowd ... all very young ... all enjoying the heavy, loud and intensely rhythmic music. Much more rhythm than music for an old lady. I found myself knitting faster and faster and with a steady beat.

Tyren's grown-up orange socks will be ready for his 16th birthday at this rate. I will post photos of the last three pairs I have knit. None are perfect ... but then ... if they were I would have abandoned the Wabi Sabi principle ... but they are all less imperfect than my first few pairs ... and the wool I chose creates lovely patterns ... asymetrical (of course) in the Wabi Sabi tradition.

Tomorrow a post devoted to the philosophy of Wabi Sabi ... a philosophy that, through knitting, is rescuing me from my perfectionism.

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sassy said...

We missed each other, I arrived and was informed that you had just left (spoke the Layla).

Good crowd, very nice way to spend a sunny spring afternoon. All for a very good cause